Active Ingredients

COMPOSITION: Black peat of type Sedge Peat highly decomposed and strongly Humic, without additives.

Physical properties:

Humification H (Von Post Scale) H9-H10.

PH:                                          6,5 – 7.

Ashes:                                    20 %.

Moisture content:          86 % (over wet weight).

Bioactive Ingredients*:

Humic Acids 25%
Fulvic Acids 7%
Lignines 57,9%
Hemicellullose 11,70%
Cellullose 2,5%
Pectines 0,34%

*Approximate data


Copper (Cu), Iron(Fe), Magnesium (Mg),

Manganese (Mn), Zinc (Zn), Sodium (Na),

Calcium (Ca), Boron(B), Molybdenum (Mo).