Environment, R&D and Quality

With a philosophy oriented towards environment protection & preservation, our peat production is carried out under sustainability principles with a very specific extraction method that helps to protect the biodiversity of the natural park where our peat bogs are located.

INFERTOSA extracts its black peat from the deeper layers of the coastal peat bogs of Cabanes, (Castellón, Spain), where it is most rich in humic acids. The peat is extracted under water, considering all the environmental, hygienic and quality factors during its extraction and processing.

As a result of our policy of continuous innovation, our R & D department has developed this natural cosmetics product consisting of black peat paste without additives, produced with the finest natural fraction of peat, retaining all the properties and benefits of peat for its application on the skin.

Given the many applications of the peat, the COSMETIC MOOR MUD can be used both as a facial and body cosmetic mask, as well as for balneology use.

Currently, only the peat paste without additives COSMETIC MOOR MUD is available. And our R&D department is in the development phase of other products and variants of the peat for application on the skin.