Cosmetic Moor Mud

Since early XIX century, peat is used in balneological and wellness centres especially in Central Europe for the cure of various diseases and pain relief. Peat is a natural product, obtained by the transformation of bog plants for more than 10,000 years, forming a mud which is highly rich in nutrients, minerals and humic substances which are easily absorbed through the skin.

COSMETIC MOOR MUD is the peat paste of MUDNATUR, a 100% natural product, produced with highly decomposed black peat which has been formed during centuries in the peatbogs of Torreblanca, Castellón (Spain).

Its therapeutic effects are based on the combined influence of the antiseptic effects of peat and its biological active components, being particularly important the organic and humic substances of the peat, which penetrate the skin to cleanse it and influencing the enzymatic and hormonal activity.

When peat is applied on the skin, it penetrates in the epidermal cells and causes an ionic exchange with the albumin of the skin. Harmful cations are exchanged by anions having a rejuvenating effect on the skin. The most beneficial peat particles are captured by the veins and transported throughout the body where they help healing where necessary.

Its rejuvenating effects are attributed to the presence of essential oils, fatty acids and lipoids. These penetrate the skin and correct its pH balance. The application of peat on the skin stimulates blood circulation, which can be observed by the red colour of the skin after washing the treated skin.

INFERTOSA extracts its black peat of the deepest layers of the coastal peat bogs of Cabanes, Castellón, Spain, where the richness of humic acids is higher. The peat is extracted from below the water level mire, considering all the environmental, hygienic, and quality factors during the extraction and processing method. The finest natural fraction of this peat is used to make the COSMETIC MOOR MUD.

The peat is screened to remove possible lumps of wood or any other agents, then afterwards is milled, homogenized and packed in airtight wrappers. During all the production, packaging and storage process, all the convenient measures are taken to avoid overheating or freezing, and that the peat does not dry out through the process. The final result is the COSMETIC MOOR MUD, ready to use, totally organic and natural product.