Peat for arthrosis and rheumatism

Aplicacion COSMETIC MOOR MUD pies

Peat works as a great natural anti-inflammatory widely used in balneology in Central Europe for the cure of various diseases and relief of pain.

It is applied through hot water baths, local poultice or cataplasms of peat, being the heat transmission beneficial to alleviate joints problems and for relaxation of muscles.


For those who wish to try its effects for the relief of swelling, we advice:

    1. Apply a thick layer of peat on feet on the body area with swelling: hands, feet, wrist, knees, etc.
    2. Wrap with a plastic bag.
    3. Put 20 minutes into hot water (40-43ºC).

This will activate blood circulation and reduce swelling.

Afterwards keep the treated area warm for another 30 minutes.





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